Cibáre Foods

Website: Cibáre Foods

Market Location: Elks 6 Farmers Market - (Sat)

Vendor Category: Healthy Snacks

John played competitive sports well into his adult life, and by the 2010’s, found himself fully immersed in running, cycling, CrossFit, and HIIT. Like many of us, he was eating protein bars but was consistently disappointed in the taste, texture, and questionable (dare we say...unnecessary?) ingredients. A dedicated foodie, John began experimenting with different flavors, fresh ingredients, and protein types to create his own bar. He continued to test and sample until it was perfect: a clean, satisfying, no-nonsense bar that tasted pretty d😊mned good. They were a HUGE hit with his family, friends, and fellow fitness junkies. Meanwhile, Maddy was deep into her career bringing award-winning products to market. Knowing a good thing when she sees it, she persuaded her Dad to bring his naturally delicious bars to market nearly ten years after the first one was made in John's kitchen (👀↓).